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Ho to install Blackberry 10 Bar software / apps


This guide will explain you on how to install Blackberry 10 bar files on your device.

first of all, you will need to place your device in Development Mode this can be done through the menu settings > security > Development Mode

Blackberry 10 Development Mode

Notice that when you activate the development mode on your blackberry 10 smartphone, you will be forced to set up a device password, there's no workaround for this step, so please do so!

after having set your development mode to active, you will be required to obtain the IP address of your blackberry 10 smartphone. This can be found back under the menu Settings > About > Network > IPv4

For those which are not common with IP addresses and basic networking, Usually the first 3 groups of your IP address should be identical to the ones of your computer (check on your computer by going to the command prompt and typing "ipconfig". When the first 3 groups of numbers are identical to the ones on your blackberry 10, you are probably on the same network.

in the next step you will need to download and install (instructions in the installer should be rather straight forward) the DDPB tool. You can download it from our website HERE With this DDPB application you can connect your PC with your device to transfer your selected BAR files.

Now you are ready to start sideloading your applications, start the DDPB tool and enter the IP address of your blackberry, in the password field you will need to set your developer mode password. Now wait a few seconds until the Blackberry DDPB tool has been connected to your blackberry 10 smartphone.

Blackberry 10 DDPB sideloader software

as soon as your blackebrry 10 smartphone is connected, you can start browsing for BAR files and upload them to your device. Notice that you will need to make sure the BAR application is selected in the DDPB tool before you will be able to upload them to your device.

Thats it, you are finished and ready to start enjoying your freshly uploaded application or software on your blackberry 10 smartphone or tablet!