Blackberry 10 software is your locationThe best downloadable Blackberry 10 software in BAR file format. Notice that BAR files are converted Android applications which have been made compatible for Blackberry 10 devices.

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Blackberry software and popular downloads

Tumblr is one of the most exciting Social networks ever, and now also available as blackberry 10 application in BAR format. With Tumblr for blackberry 10 you can share fotos, videos, links, chats and more, or just stay up to date with what your friends are doing through your Tumblr Dashboard! a must have blackberry 10 application for all social network freaks!
Plants vs Zombies
The zombies in this blackberry 10 game a really no match at all for those evil Plants! Ready, set, plant!
This blackberry 10 software BAR is probably one of the most requested so far, Shazam is the well known music recognition service. Are you in a bar and you want to know what the name of the artist or song is which is currently playing? Just hold your blackberry in the air, push the Shazam button and let the software do the rest….
Doodle Jump BAR
This Blackberry 10 software Game BAR contains the free edition of one of the simplest and hottest arcade games of the moment for blackberry 10: jump from platform to platform but be careful not to crash down again! Doodle jump for blackberry 10 in BAR format
for those who cant wait for the official Skype app, or for those who will not be able to download software from the official blackberry apps world store we bring you the software where most of you have been waiting for: Skype for blackberry 10 in BAR format!
Met Office
use your blackberry 10 to request the official weather forecast by the UK Governement. This blackberry 10 application can look 5 days forward, contains daily detailed weather maps, has the possibility to use your current location to give a detailed forecast or can even tell you the feels like temperature! A must have blackberry 10 weather application for all blackberry 10 owners!
Remote Control Collection
This blackberry 10 software tool is actually a collection of an amazing amount of cool tools, control your PC remotely, control your Mouse and Keyboard remotely, load media or activate shortcuts within seconds with this remote control collections tool for blakcberry 10
Facebook Pages for blackberry 10
Update or manage multiple facebook pages with this blackberry 10 software application. View your latest page insights, enable push notifications for multiple pages and more with this ideal Facebook pages manager for blackberry 10
Mandrill Mailchimp
Mandrill for blackberry 10 keeps you up to date with your account activity on Mail Chimp, view stats or browse messages and so many more other features, all of this blackberry 10 stuff is brought to you by mailchimp, the well known online email provider!
Rise of the Blobs
Rise of the blobs is an addictive puzzle game for your blackberry 10 in BAR format, help your marshmallow friend on top of the column survive the horde of hungry blobs by filling the blobs up with fruit and let them explode in huge chain reactions! Rise of the Blobs is a much anticipated Puzzle game for blackberry 10!
Happy Jump
in this Happy Jump game for your blackberry 10 you are a jelly blob dreaming of flying through the skies. Bounce around while avoiding the annoying flies and help your dessert friends reaching new hights in the Happy Jump Game for blackberry 10
Bittorrent client
Opera Mini
Hotspot shield
Easy unrar
blackberry APK
Download and install Blackberry APK installer files directly to your device from Blackberry OS 10.2.1 on!
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Wallpapers for Blackberry 10 devices such as the Z10, Q10 or blackberry Q5